Media statement - Nuneaton Academy

A spokesperson for the Midland Academies Trust said, “We are working with the Department for Education and Regional Schools Commissioner to begin the process of identifying an appropriate partner Trust for the Nuneaton Academy that will further enhance its capacity to address the issues raised by Ofsted about the quality of teaching, learning and assessment during its September 2021 inspection.

“We recognise the issues raised within the Ofsted report and have already made considerable progress on plans to address them. While the Trust continues to disagree strongly with some elements of the recent Ofsted assessment and its gradings, we have always sought to do what is best for our pupils and for our local community. We are extremely proud of our pupils and our amazing staff. We will work with the Regional Schools Commissioner to ensure a smooth transfer for the Academy in the interests of pupils, staff, and the wider community.

“Since the outcome of the Ofsted inspection was known, parents have lent their voices to fully supporting the school and say that their children enjoy a positive experience of their education. The fact that the school is currently at full capacity is testament to the faith that the local community has in Nuneaton Academy’s capacity to improve.

“In its latest report, Ofsted included a great deal of positive feedback on the school’s activities and commended the leadership and management of the school, stating that ‘leaders are ambitious for the school and the community it serves.’

“We were also pleased that inspectors found no issues with behaviour or bullying at the school and that personal development was graded as ‘Good’. The report notes that pupils ‘behave in lessons and listen respectfully.’ This is a testament to the culture of kindness, empathy, and tolerance that we have fostered in the school, and the support of our teachers and parents in reinforcing these values.

“The most recent published data on Progress 8 measures indicates that Nuneaton Academy was the second most improved school in Warwickshire. Teacher assessed grades have shown an improving trend since the last published data, which has led to more than 99 per cent of pupils securing a place in further education, training, or employment when they leave in Year 11.

“Every aspect of the Nuneaton Academy has been transformed since the Trust began working with the school, from its culture to pupils’ behaviours and personal development, and from the curriculum to the estate. As a result, Nuneaton Academy is now a school of choice in the local community.

“The Midland Academies Trust led the merger of two underperforming schools to form the Nuneaton Academy, oversaw the construction of a new building and created a school that works effectively to serve its local community, including through strong links with local partner schools. The Academy has benefited extensively from being part of the Trust, including from a range of support services provided by North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College.

“The Midland Academies Trust will communicate the next steps and timeline to the school and the wider community once these have been established. We will help and support the transition process as far as it is able and will do everything it can to ensure that there is no interruption to pupils’ education at Nuneaton Academy.”