Warm Strict approach

As a school we adopt a ‘warm strict’ behaviour system that enables our pupils and staff to concentrate on learning our knowledge rich curriculum.

Warm – Our excellent pastoral team provides the support and care students and families need to make great progress in lessons but also to reduce barriers to learning and the challenges many face. Each member of the team is dedicated to ensuring all students are provided with whatever support is needed to succeed and all staff approach students holistically, understanding the best routes for each pupil to reach their goals.

Strict – High expectations in the classroom and onsite allow teachers to teach and pupils to learn, free from disruption during lessons. This means pupils have an environment where all our learners can aspire and thrive and maximise their potential. The school embeds clear routines that pupils must adhere to and ensures any deviation from our expectations are quickly addressed and dealt with.



All pupils are expected to arrive at school on time, unless there is a valid reason why they are late or a parent has called reception to inform us. This is also the case between lessons where we expect all pupils to move to the next lesson without delay.

Pupils are asked to be in full school uniform every day and parents should contact the school if this is not the case so that we know the circumstances or offer support if needed. This also is the case for P.E kit and pupils must wear only acceptable clothing (see uniform section)

It is important that pupils bring the right equipment to school - black pen, different colour pen for marking, pencil, highlighter and ruler, so that lessons are not disrupted through lack of equipment and pupils can maximise learning time.

As part of our daily routines we strive for all pupils to adopt an ethos of kindness, showing empathy and understanding towards each other and care and concern for all stakeholders and members of the community and wider world. We want pupils to cultivate connections, raise self-esteem and be more tolerant of the World we live in. 


When our pupils do not follow our expectations they will receive a verbal warning, if they continue this leads to a final warning (consequence which is logged). Failure to address their behaviour at this point leads to the pupil being removed to B2A where they will spend the rest of the lesson ‘resetting’ ready for the next lesson. Pupils needing additional support to ‘reset’ will be met by a member of our Pastoral Team.  We follow a formal sanction system where repeated removals trigger further sanctions and pupils will complete these either the same day or the following day depending on the sanction.


The school only uses internal or external exclusion as a last resort such as (but not exclusively) verbal or physical aggression, humiliation, bullying and substances on site. Each exclusion will be followed by a re-admittance meeting with parents or carers and pupils will be expected to complete a session with the pastoral team to explore the nature of the exclusion and address barriers to full reintegration back into the school community.