Principal's Welcome

As the newly appointed Principal of Nuneaton Academy, I welcome you to our school website.

I have closely monitored the recent progress and achievements of Nuneaton Academy, and I am delighted to lead a team that is dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement.

I understand that the academy has faced its fair share of challenges in the past, particularly in terms of academic performance. However, I am delighted to see that the school is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation, and I am excited to have the privilege of serving the pupils, parents, and staff on this journey to excellence. As an experienced educational leader with a passion for fostering student success, I am committed to building upon this positive momentum and driving the school to even greater heights.

I firmly believe that every child deserves an exceptional education that prepares them for a fulfilling future. Together, we will create an inclusive, supportive, and stimulating learning environment that empowers our pupils to achieve excellence. Our Nuneaton Norms serve as the foundational principles of student culture and guide our transformative journey at Nuneaton Academy.

We are RESPECTFUL, showing kindness and courtesy at all times.

At Nuneaton academy, we believe that a respectful and kind environment is essential for fostering positive relationships and creating a supportive atmosphere. We encourage our students to embody kindness and courtesy in all interactions. Treating one another with respect not only nurtures strong bonds within our school family but also prepares our students to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

We are RESPONSIVE, following instructions right away, without question.

We instil in our students the importance of embracing challenges head-on and following instructions promptly. This willingness to be accountable not only empowers them to excel academically but also nurtures the essential life skill of adaptability. By embracing instruction with enthusiasm, our students are better equipped to navigate the complexities of their educational journey and beyond.

We are RESOLUTE, showing determination through hard work.

Determination is the driving force behind achievement. We encourage our students to approach their studies and extracurricular activities with unwavering resolve. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to continuous improvement, our students learn the value of perseverance. This resolute attitude not only shapes their academic outcomes but also paves the way for lifelong success.

As the Principal of Nuneaton Academy, I am privileged to witness the remarkable growth and development of our students as they embody these norms every day. Our dedicated staff and passionate teachers are committed to providing a nurturing environment where each student can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Over the coming weeks and months, our website will be updated to reflect our journey to excellence.  I encourage anyone to take up opportunities to visit us, and to contact our team for more information about admissions arrangements.

Mr. M. Dalton