Department Leader: Sam Garland

At Nuneaton Academy, we are committed to providing the best possible education for our young people through high-quality teaching and learning. We aim to create equity through knowledge – students are exposed to the powerful information they need to succeed and thrive in life, regardless of background.

The subject of English is primed to help deliver this vision to its full extent by acting as both a mirror and a window through which our young people might see their own experiences reflected and be exposed to the viewpoints they may not come into contact with as part of their everyday lives. Through the study of a range of texts written by diverse voices, students are encouraged to discuss, debate, and explore universal ideas as they develop skills which give them agency, enabling them to competently interact with, and be actively involved in, the modern world.

Our aim is to instil in students a passion and appreciation for English Language and Literature. As part of the United Learning family of schools, we offer a curriculum that is ambitious and challenging, inspiring creativity and critical literacy at every step of development. Through the rigorous and carefully sequenced learning journey, we equip our young people with the confidence to communicate effectively in life beyond school.

Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of how meaning is shaped through writing and are taught to develop this in their own work. They learn to express themselves clearly and comprehensively in a variety of contexts. We encourage exploration of personal responses to themes within texts by challenging established ideas and perspectives in order to develop deeper understandings of these.

Our knowledge-rich curriculum ensures that students study challenging texts from Year 7, irrespective of ability. Students are supported in their studies so that all make excellent progress and are exposed to a range of themes through their texts, allowing development of ideas, perspectives and understanding.

It is our intent to ensure that all students leave the academy with the practical skills that are transferable to all workplaces or further study, such as communication, critical thinking and writing for purpose.