Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 Religious Studies and worldview develops and prepares pupils for the demands of the United Learning end of year tests and for the rigours of GCSE study. Students will learn a wide range of knowledge that helps build and develop pupils' understanding of the discipline. Pupils will develop skills in academic writing by demonstrating more than one viewpoint, being able to infer, analyse, evaluate and forming sound conclusions.

Course information:

Year 7

Pupils commence year 7 by considering different perspectives of faith and why people believe as they do. Pupils start the unit by learning about the Abrahamic faith. They then learn about Judaism and Christianity.

Year 8

Pupils begin year 8 by studying Islam from its origins to the present day. Pupils study and analyse key events within Islam. Pupils will then study Philosophy of Religion. This encompasses topics such as atheism, agnosticism, the problem of evil, cosmological and design arguments.

Year 9

Year 9 concentrates on ethical and moral decisions in preparation for GCSE. They will learn how people make decisions from a religious and non-religious viewpoint. Pupils learn about the views of different philosophers. They begin with a unit learning about life and death considering issues of abortion, animal rights, capital punishment, situation ethics and natural law. This is followed by issues of equality where pupils will study gender equality, sexual equality, LGBTQ+ and disability. 


Homework is set weekly and encompasses a variety of tasks. This could be knowledge recall, extended writing, literacy or research.


All lessons start with a knowledge retrieval task that assesses prior learning and identifies gaps in knowledge. Pupil understanding is checked through the use of questioning, mini-whiteboards, low-stakes quizzing, written work and mid-term assessments in January and end of year tests in June. Pupils are also assessed through live marking where misconceptions are addressed and pupils are advised on how to improve.


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