Department Leader: Grant Saunt


At Nuneaton Academy, we are committed to providing the best possible education for our young people through high-quality teaching and learning. We believe that physical education is the cornerstone in developing pupil’s physical, social, emotional, cultural and moral characteristics through promoting performance, leadership and active lifestyles. To echo and support United Learning’s vision, in PE we aspire to develop the full holistic potential of every student through high quality physical education within academic and practical environments. Our PE curriculum has been established to be balanced and sequential, covering a mixture of theoretical and practical-based knowledge for all pupils to learn. We share and implement the following United Learning key values within the delivery of our PE curriculum:

  1. Ambitious – to excel: to be the best they can be in and through PE and sport;
  2. Confident – to participate, perform and lead;
  3. Creative – in their decision-making and in finding solutions to increasingly complex challenges;
  4. Respectful - Of themselves, all of their peers and all adults involved in their sporting life, whether they be teachers, coaches, officials, medical staff etc;
  5. Enthusiastic – about engaging in physical activity  and sport in school, out of school and beyond school life;
  6. Determined – to persist in overcoming obstacles, to lead healthy lifestyles and to achieve their best.

We pledge that pupils will be provided with inspirational and excellent teaching which will give them the holistic development they need to positively progress throughout their time within Secondary education and bring out ‘the best in everyone’